I buy a smoothie at my local juice bar every day. Why should I order What’s Juicin’ products?
In terms of your time and health needs, What’s Juicin’ delivers a far better product. Each week, we deliver 100% raw cold-pressed superfoods, veggies, and herbs right to your doorstep. Think about the time it takes to drive to a juice bar and wait in line once a day…home delivery can save you several hours a week. Additionally, our juice is cold pressed, meaning it is 3-5 times higher in nutrients and enzymes than juice from a traditional juicing machine.
What’s more, no other juice bar or bottled juice contains the unique combinations of superfoods and herbs that ours do. We use a list of powerful ingredients, many of which are derived from Eastern Medicine
Your products are healthy…How do they taste?
Our juices are cold, light and refreshing. But because we don’t add sugar, no juice will ever be sweeter than the produce itself. Taken in the morning, they add immediate pep to your step!
I want to feel healthier and need support to stay on track. Will you be my partner?
Absolutely! We are 100% committed to your health and wellbeing. Text or call us at 954-774-1008 whenever you want to discuss health benefit options or provide feedback. If possible, we’d like to talk to you before your first order to ensure you receive products that meet your specific needs. We also proactively text and call our customers to ensure they are happy once their order has arrived.
What kind of impact do your deliveries have on the environment?
We deliver glass bottles in a reusable cooler filled with ice packs to keep the juices cold. When the next delivery comes, we send a reminder text and ask that you leave the previous week’s package, including bottles and ice packs, at your door or with your doorman. All items are put through a three-step sanitation process and reused. Nothing goes to waste. Whenever possible, leftover produce goes toward composting.
Why is What’s Juicin’ worth spending your money on?
Eating well is the first and foremost step we can all take to ensure our bodies and minds are healthy. Countless studies show that people with a healthy diet and lifestyle are less likely to become sick. Ordering our organic cold pressed juice is a small sum to pay compared to hefty medical bills.
What’s more, you will spend the same amount of money or more if purchasing the same organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs at the grocery store. But if you don’t take the time to make smoothies and vegetarian meals, the produce will go to waste. When it comes to our healthy ingredients, personalized service and convenience, you will join the many South Floridians who see the value.
What is Cold Pressed Juice?
We use 4000lbs of pressure to extract up to 5x more nutrients than a traditional juicer. This cold-press process leaves intact key enzymes and antioxidants creating an end product called RAW LIVE JUICE. This RAW LIVE JUICE maintains its potency for up to 7 days and has incredibly powerful detoxing and healing properties. To preserve those properties, we do not pasteurize or process our juice in any way.
What is Pasteurization?
Both traditional heat pasteurization and high-pressure pasteurization (HPP or cold pressure pasteurization) damage key antioxidants, nutrients, and enzymes. If you see juice that has a shelf life of longer than 7 days, it has been pasteurized. Our raw juice subscriptions are delivered fresh weekly to your doorstep!
How does the delivery work?
We deliver to your doorstep overnight, leaving your order in a cooler bag with ice packs to keep it cool till the morning. Your assigned delivery night depends on your zip code, please enter your zip code in our delivery tracker at the bottom of the page. There is a flat $7.99 delivery fee for delivery from Miami Beach up to West Palm Beach.
When will I get my first delivery?
All orders placed by Sunday midnight will be delivered that week. If it’s after the Sunday-night cutoff, it’s possible we can still squeeze you in. We will always call within 24 business hours to confirm on your delivery date.
How do I know which juice options are best for me?
A great place to start is by filling out our intake form! If you still have questions or would like to chat with our trained & knowledgeable staff, please call us at 954-774-1008 or book a consultation
How many juices should I be drinking per day?
We recommend a minimum of one juice per day. We will provide instructions on how to best consume your juice order.
What’s your refund/cancellation policy?
Our subscription service is contract free. You may cancel at any time through your online account or text/call. If an order has already been processed, refunds can be issued within 24 hours for a $5.00 transaction fee.